Adhesions in the lungs Buy Ventolin

Adhesions in the lungs - it is overgrown connective tissue bands that are often located between the serous membrane of the pleural cavity. Another adhesions in the lungs are known as adhesions plevrodiafragmalnyh buy ventolin salbutamol online. They can be both total and occupy all parts of the pleura, and the single planar, formed as a result of the fusion of the pleural layers.

Adhesions may be formed in any place where there is a connective tissue, lung pleura therefore not an exception for the manifestation of the pathological process. Adhesions have a negative impact on the functioning of the respiratory system, making it difficult for him to work, limiting the natural mobility. Sometimes adhesions can even lead to a complete overgrowing cavities, causing a pronounced pain, respiratory failure, requiring emergency medical care.

The main method of detecting violations in the tissues of the lungs is a chest X-ray. It must be carried out each year, and the categories of people at risk for lung disease - twice a year. If there is a suspicion of the presence of pleural adhesions, the patient is sent to an X-ray light.

A direct sign indicating the presence of adhesions are shadows that are visible on X-ray. However, it does not change during exhalation and inhalation of the patient. Also, the transparency of the lung fields will be reduced. Possible deformation of the chest and diaphragm. Furthermore, the diaphragm may be limited in mobility. Most of these spikes are placed in the lower part of the lung.

Symptoms of adhesions in the lungs may be as follows:

Dyspnea. Pain localized in the breast area. Cardiopalmus.

In acute process may develop respiratory failure. It is expressed in strengthening of breathlessness, lack of air and requires emergency medical attention.

The man is more prone to respiratory pathologies, as a natural process of ventilation is disturbed.

On the accession of infection indicate purulent sputum, increased cough and shortness of breath, fever. Especially a lot of sputum will be observed in the morning hours.

Chronic pulmonary disease adhesive causes disturbances in the body as a whole. He will suffer from oxygen starvation, intoxication. Often anemia with pale skin.

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