Breast tumors Buy Nolvadex

Breast tumors - is a malignant neoplasm of the breast. In the USA breast tumor is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women what are the side effects of tamoxifen.

WHO points out that each year in the world reveal more than one million new cases of malignant breast tumors. Mortality from this disease remains high and is equivalent to 50% of the total number of cases. To reduce this figure, most countries organize preventive screening population, aimed at early detection of pathology.

It is found that most of the patients - a woman over 45 years, and after the age of 65 years and the risk of carcinoma increases 5.8 times. In 99% of cases of pathology affects women and only 1% are male population.

Currently it identified more than 30 forms of cancer, the most common of which are nodular tumors and diffuse tumors. The most rarely detectable tumor is Paget's disease.

Stages of breast cancer

There are stages of breast cancer, including:

The first stage is characterized by the formation in amounts less than 2 cm, it will not germinate in the fiber and gives metastases.

For 2A stage is characterized by an increase in tumors up to 5 cm in size with involvement in the process of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin itself. It is at this stage, you will notice changes in the breast skin. However, in the fiber sprouting does not occur and no metastases. Alternatively, the tumor may soldering to the skin.

The next stage - 2B. At this stage of the disease occurs in the distribution of abnormal cells located nearby lymph nodes. First of all affected units axilla and parasternal hilar nodes. It is possible defeat subscapular, approach and supraclavicular nodes.

For 3A stage characterized by an increase in tumor size greater than 5 cm. This also will be charged tumors that have sprouted in the muscles located below the chest. At the same time she zhelzae becomes edematous, on it there is a characteristic wrinkling, the nipple is pulled, there are metastases in regional lymph nodes.

3B for detection of characteristic stages large number of metastases in regional lymph nodes, which themselves can have a size up to 2 cm.

The terminal is considered stage 4 disease. The tumor in this case affects the mammary gland completely, there are extensive changes in the skin. Size of the tumor can be any, but it is always a fourth step for distribution characteristic metastasis to other organs.

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