Causes of bladder tumor Buy Amoxil

The risk of cancer increases with prolonged urinary retention in the bladder. The fact is that it contains high levels of various metabolites, which can trigger malignant transformation urothelium body. Reasons for a long time the urine stays in the bladder and is expelled, can vary widely amoxil 875. Thus, the danger is prostatitis, prostate adenoma, diverticula of the bladder, cystitis, chronic course, urolithiasis, urethral stricture.

Some scientists believe that the cause of bladder cancer may be human papillomavirus infection. However, this issue is still debatable.

It promotes malignant transformation of tissues parasitic infection such as urogenital schistosomiasis. Helminths genus Schistosoma affect gut and urogenital system, there is an inflammatory process causing followed by ulceration that lead to fibrosis and the formation of tumor tissue.

A clear relationship between occupational hazards and bladder tumors. Thus, the risk are people who have longer contact with phenols, phthalates, aromatic amines and drugs for the treatment of tumors. Therefore, a special risk are painters, drivers, people, workers in the paint, chemical and petroleum industries. This includes health care workers.

It is dangerous in terms of the development of this cancer pathology such bad habit, like smoking. It is known that smokers are faced with this problem 3 times more often than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that each cigarette contains a huge amount of carcinogens that are completely destroying the organism can not. Therefore, he tries to get them through the urinary system. As a result, the urine with dissolved toxic substances into the bladder, which is delayed by damaging its walls.

It affects the risk of tumor formation quality of drinking water. Thus, the greater the content of chlorine in it, the greater the risk of malignancy.

Do not rule out the role of genetic mutations in terms of tumor formation in families.

Belonging to the male gender. It was found that the tumor in the bladder in males formed by 4 times more often than women.

Symptoms of bladder cancer in men and women are identical, among them:

The appearance of blood in the urine. This is the earliest sign indicating the presence of a tumor, which occurs in 96% of patients. When blood negligible amount, the urine will acquire a pinkish hue. This can happen periodically, or blood in the urine may be present on a regular basis.

Sometimes patients develop gross hematuria in which human urine has released a vivid and intense red color. Often in such a bloody fluid present clots.

Against the background of total hematuria increases the risk of acute urinary retention and anemia with the rapid fall in the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

As the progression of disease in humans there pain and dizuricheskie disorder. Frequent trips to the bathroom, each emptying of the bladder causes pain. There are false urge to urinate, or the process becomes difficult.

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