Cramps at night use Keppra

Cramps - a spasm in the muscles, and at night they most often occur in the legs. Statistics show that 80% of all people suffer from this problem, regardless of age. Muscles are a number of reasons are drastically reduced, causing a person to experience a sharp nagging pain http://antiepileptic-meds.com/. Many people wake up in the night by a pain in the lower extremities and knows how unpleasant this sensation.

If these episodes are repeated often enough, they deliver a huge discomfort. Not only that the person is experiencing pain, seizures and even do not give him a normal night's sleep.

None of the diagnoses listed above can not be delivered to patients themselves. With a view to their confirmation or refutation should consult a doctor to undergo examination and delivery of analyzes. And if it turns out that the person is really sick, specialist treatment accordingly.

But very often the seizures occur and perfectly healthy people. This happens due to excessive physical exertion, transferred during the day, fatigue muscles due to stress or constant sedentary work. Also prone to nocturnal seizures people with overweight and pregnant women.

Sometimes, the blood circulation gets worse during sleep, the muscles are not delivered the necessary trace elements, which leads to a spasm.

To quickly remove pain during convulsions, sit on the bed and pull the sock disturbing your feet on, firmly grasping his fingers. The knees at the same time try not to bend, because the more you pull the leg, the sooner the pain let go.

Aware of the possibility of seizures, legs can spawn at night to wrap an elastic bandage. And if the seizures still occur, then you can get out of bed at once on two legs, evenly distributing the weight of its own between them. This will help relieve the pain.

If cramps are manifested at night, due to any illness and need medical treatment, it must appoint a doctor. And in this situation should be treated no seizures and the disease itself - the root cause of their occurrence.

If you know that for some reason in your body is broken trace elements balance, then you can restore it by taking supplements that contain magnesium and potassium necessary for normal functioning of the body. Add calcium deficiency is even easier, because it is found in dairy products. Therefore, we must regularly eat cottage cheese and hard cheese.

In cases where the cause of seizures is sedentary robot, the most effective way to deal with them is exercises. Her exercises are very simple and are intended to stretch the leg muscles.

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