Exercise to increase potency

The best exercises for potency aimed at leveling the PC muscle. It extends from the pubic bone to the sacrum, and its function is to maintain the proper position in the anus and the adjacent organs. The muscle is subject to the nerves that control the activity of the genitals and the anus, so it provides a link between them and brain. If she has the proper force, it is the generator of life and sexual energy, which is in the process of transformation stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and joy cialis brand online australia.

Weakening of PC muscles leads to a decline in activity, fatigue, decreased sexual desire and opportunity. It is therefore important to pay attention to this particular field and to do its pumping.

Starting position - sitting on his heels, a chair or a bed with a fully straightened spine and relax the muscles of the neck, face, arms, back and shoulders. The head should be slightly tilted forward, and his eyes closed.

Implementation method: should stretch the muscle and stay in this position for 3 seconds, if at first you can not hold out for so long, it is a sign of the weakness of the PC muscle. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the voltage for 1 or 2 seconds. You should see the feeling that the pelvic region slightly raised up. When muscle tension is necessary to make a slow breath, and in a moment of relaxation - exhale.

The duration of exercise should not exceed 10 minutes. During this time, it is desirable to have time to make 10 calls, but if this is not their number was typed, the occupation still should be discontinued.

When the muscle is sufficiently strong (this usually happens after a week of regular exercise), the duration of the retention voltage becomes subordinated to the account of one to ten, and can not be dramatically compress muscle, on the other hand, should gradually increase the voltage in the course of the account. Relaxation also need to be done slowly and sizes. The whole cycle should take 5 minutes.

After a minute break is recommended at a rapid pace of 10 times to carry out compression and unclamping muscles. Initially, this exercise can be difficult, but in the exercise of its control over the activity will be complete.

Then the whole cycle with a slow increase of tension and relaxation at the expense of a decimal minute pause and fast tenfold clenching-unclamping should be repeated. And after a short break to do it a third time.

The pelvic area may feel tension and stretching, this should not be afraid, because the muscle is at rest for a long time to react to the load. But too much strain in the first session is not necessary, otherwise enthusiasm disappears before start seeing positive changes. The effect should start to appear after 2 weeks of daily exercise.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to perform twice a day course of 15 minutes, gradually increasing the number of cuts until it reaches 300 times. Exercises are good that they can perform even at work, with the emergence of habits in the long run there is no need.

Toss PC muscle can be another way. To do this, you must stay on the floor on his back, legs slightly apart and exert the appropriate area. Here, the value is not so much the number of repetitions as the power voltage, so it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Perform pumping PC muscle as possible and standing, for this it is necessary to place the feet apart, stretch the area between the pubic bone and anus as if you want to stop the flow of urination, while the pelvic muscles is also running out. In this position, a member of a few close to the abdomen, the testicles will be higher than usual. Muscles must be kept as much as possible within 10 seconds. When you exercise you can not hold your breath.

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