Formal thought disorder Buy Seroquel

Formal thought disorder were found in patients with schizophrenia are numerous and unique seroquel online. The most common: fragmentation of thought and speech, diversity of thinking, paralogous, symbolic, formal, logic-chopping, amorphous, and is characterized by such disorders as autistic thinking, neologisms, slip, the answers are not in the matter plane.

However, a substantial portion of patients thought disorders expressed little or no clinically defined. Some patients characterized by a high level of abstract thinking, originality, originality of thought processes. Such features are thinking sometimes allow patients to achieve outstanding results in various fields of professional activity. Weighty share of enduring human values ​​created by patients with schizophrenia. Among them are outstanding mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, artists, writers, actors, athletes. As examples called Newton's enough, Nietzsche, Gogol, Van Gogh.

Formal memory capacity of the majority of patients with schizophrenia do not suffer. Often there is not enough memory due to the impression of weakness and emotional motives memory component.

Mimicry in many patients with schizophrenia painful change. Especially characteristic gipomimiya, paramimiya (pretentious, mannered facial expressions, grimacing). Can amimia. Sometimes the absence of frontal facial expressions combined with reinforced, strange mimic displays in the lower half of the face that can be seen as a particular manifestation of skhizisa.

Psychomotor patients with schizophrenia often characterized by awkwardness, clumsiness, awkwardness, unusual movements.

Communicative function in the majority of patients with schizophrenia in one way or another affected. More frequent isolation, selective communicative, formal contact. In extreme cases, patients completely inhospitable. They are often "tenants in their own home." Fulfilling family responsibilities (economic affairs, material support), patients at home tend to solitude, can not establish warm relations with family members, have little interest in their affairs and concerns. However, sometimes patients are in complete subjection, depending on any of the relatives, without suffering from it.

In the training, the service team with schizophrenia are often in the position of "black sheep". They remain "foreign" for the community. Involuntary patient communication with others is mutually painful.

Community doctors to patients is also difficult, often is a mere formality, "the fault" of the patient. Between doctor and patient as if there is an invisible wall. The doctor can be difficult to establish a relationship of trust with the patient, to get access to his inner world, feel into the experience.

Rare, but mostly occurring in schizophrenia form of contact with others - mental nudity (exaggerated, inappropriate candor, sometimes with strangers).

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