Game System Di Alamber

Recall that the negative progression system like the Martingale, based on the increase rate after the loss. Cage system, by contrast, are repelled from the reduction rate after the victory. As you can see, these two approaches did not contradict each other, so any strategy, combining them into one whole. A striking example of this is the d'Alembert system (D'Alembert), well-known players in roulette and other casino games for many years online roulette.

The main idea of ​​this strategy is to consistently change the rate depending on the outcome of the previous draw. If you win, you need to reduce the rate if lost - to increase. As a rule, this system is used for the Cubs game on chances on the roulette wheel. Usually the game does not start with the minimum rates, which are in the process of doubling when losing and when winning halved. However, depending on the game, the amount of increase / decrease rate may vary.

It is believed that such an approach makes it possible to minimize losses and ensure a fairly regular winnings, but, in practice, be prepared for periodic dips. If a series of losses will be too long, you will reach the upper limit of interest rates earlier than when following the Martingale strategy, because you start with the minimum. This is a great system for a smooth game in which winning and losing hand rotate evenly. In this case, you will win on the process. If the game will consist of long repeats, for example, of the same color, you can quickly lose your bank.

Moreover, as in every other system in the d'Alembert important strategy sequence. If after a few losses in a row your nerves will pass, and you will return to the original rate, all of its meaning is lost. So decide for yourself whether you fit this strategy.

By the way, there is a system, the opposite strategy Dee Alamber, - Contra D'Alembert. It rates a step increase as the winner, and one step at a reduced loss. Thus, the game is conducted before a fixed amount is reached. Then the rate of return to the original size. This system is suitable for those who do not want much to raise rates at a loss.

Finally we recall once again that the loss of each number on the roulette wheel is not related to the previous number, so that the effectiveness of systems based on this approach is very relative. Moreover, they will never protect you from loss, except that you will be able to use some sort of breach in the casino rules. But in any case, if you regularly play games of chance, you need to be aware of the different systems that in each individual case to bet consistently, relying not only on luck.

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