How to help a friend with depression

Women are faced with depression, it is necessary as well as men, bring to a frank conversation. If you notice signs of mental illness from her friend, then talk to her. This communication should be unobtrusive depression.

Before you disconnect the telephone conversation, to not be distracted by calls. During the conversation, cheered her friend, ask her probing questions upon the occurrence of awkward silence. At the end of the conversation thank her for what she was not afraid to tell you about their problems.

Talk with family members and close friends of your friends. United, you can quickly bring a woman out of the depression (just do not take to his team pessimists and cynics who can only aggravate the situation). Organize a group support session and invite a sick friend. The meeting and conversation will give her strength and infuse her confidence.

Effective weapon against mental disorder - is the ability to listen to the interlocutor. During a conversation with a friend, try not to be surprised, she said. Be prepared for the fact that a woman will tell you some terrible secrets. If you start to criticize or evaluate its activities, it will close and move away from you. Try to understand their behavior and adopt her point of view.

Never say words like "never mind", "cheer up". These tips will not help, because often people are depressed find situations in which they found themselves, hopeless. It is better to tell his girlfriend that will help her to cope with difficulties and will always be there.

After the conversation, try to meet more often. If you do not have free time, then call a friend, send her SMS-messages or e-mails. By doing so, you show a loved one, do not forget about it.

If your girlfriend is constantly sitting at home, try to lure her out of the housing. Engage her anything. For example, invite in a movie comedy or offer together to go on a fitness or yoga. You can simply go for a walk in the fresh air.

In getting rid of depression can play a positive role introduction to art. Let your girlfriend to write a poem, a story or try to draw a picture. Art will enable it to convey their emotions, feelings and mood, and maybe she will open and new talents.

A man out of the depression can be due to the tactile contact. Most take her friend's hand. So you show her that you value her. Sick woman is not going to feel useless and lonely.

Your girlfriend can deny the fact that she is suffering from depression. In this case, do not put pressure on it. Just try to be always there. After a while, a friend will realize that you can trust. She will talk about their problems.

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