How to help a person get out of depression

Depression - a mental disorder which is currently quite common. This condition is considered to be dangerous, because it is difficult to diagnose and cure. Unfortunately, the threat lies not only in this. The man who is faced with a mental disorder, is not aware that he was trapped disease antidepressants that make you lose weight. If you suspect that your relative, friend or acquaintance became depressed, try to help him. Display only the inner circle is of a dangerous condition.

What to look for

You need not be a professional psychologist to notice a loved one have symptoms of depression:

Sudden changes in behavior. Not so long ago you and your loved one together having fun, and now it is no longer happy life. He insists on his own failures and injustice of this world.

The lack of concern about their appearance. Your relative, friend or acquaintance no longer interested in how he looks. He did not care for their hair, do not brush your teeth or taking a shower.

The desire to be alone. Earlier, an active person, who had many friends, became suddenly closed. Because of the depression, he does not leave his house. Most of the time he is sleeping or just lying on the couch.

Indifference to what is happening around. Your loved one is no longer interested in anything. He does not aspire to anything and does not believe that things can change for the better.

Closure. Before your loved one was very sociable. He often smiled, talked about his plans. Now he avoids contact, does not come to a meeting with friends.

Emotional depression, depressed mood. Your relative, friend or acquaintance gnawing guilt. He was irritable and dissatisfied with himself. His tortured emotions such as sadness and despair.

Depression can occur in absolutely any person. Even life-loving and energetic people with strong character, faced with this mental disorder. The causes of depression are most often permanent failure, the loss of a loved one, severe fatigue.

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