Impotence during sex Use Dapoxetine

Well, when a man can not call to talk about sexuality. But to be sexy - it's not the same thing as to have an erection, said Gianni Shaw, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist in Atlanta buy dapoxetine online.

"The problem, I think to impose on society the belief that a mandatory attribute of good sex is an erect penis that is firm enough for sexual intercourse of all", - says Dr. Shaw. "This definition of good sex is changing the basic nature of intimacy with intimate relationships that bring pleasure to the process of achieving and execution."

Shaw believes that this focus on the enforcement process robs men and their partners the opportunity to make their relationships deeper and more sexy. Sexual needs of young people from different sexual needs mature. Putting an erection at the forefront in sex, mature men descend to the sexual youth priorities.

"Having erection does not say that you are sexy. Sexuality is your inner sense of self, "- says Shaw. "You can be sexy, to feel their sexuality and behave sexually, not having an erection. Penis - is not the only body part men, which can be used for sexual purposes. "

Shaw makes a distinction between potency and sexuality. In her view, the adoption of one of the other leads to dishonesty and frustration.

"You can be sexually active, despite the sense of their own sexuality," - said Shaw. "Women and men are able to materialize. Many men experience an erection at first, but after penetration, it disappears, and then they pretend to have an orgasm, because they want to look perfect. They never say, "Look, today I did not have an orgasm, maybe some other time. I have just enough to be close to you. "

Practice Shaw shows that physical problems are not the cause of most of the sexual disorders in men.

"In fact, in most cases, sexual dissatisfaction arises not because of the physical and due to undiagnosed psychological problems", - says Shaw. "For many men, perhaps, for the majority of problems in sex arise from ignorance, fear and inability to communicate with your partner. I believe that sexual dysfunction - this is the inevitable result of the pursuit of perfection. "

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