Impotence psychological causes Buy Levitra

Approximately 10-20% of cases out of a hundred the cause of impotence is psychological factors. Often erectile dysfunction is a secondary reaction to the underlying physical cause. In some cases, the psychological causes of impotence can occur as a reaction to childhood abuse or sexual trauma received buy levitra online. However, the most common psychological causes of impotence are:

Stress: In addition to other factors, stress may be associated with work, money and family problems.

Fear: If a man has experienced impotence once he can start to worry too much about what the problem may occur again. This can lead to a "fear of possible failure," or fear of sexual failure, and in the future cause impotence.

Guilt: A man may feel a sense of guilt on what does not satisfy his partner.

Depression: Depression is a common cause of impotence affects men, in both the physical and the psychological level. Depression can cause erectile disfunkiyu even when a man feels quite comfortable in situations that involve intimacy. Medications used to treat depression, can also cause impotence.

Low self-esteem: It can develop as a result of previous cases of impotence (thus, it is the feeling of inferiority), or may be the result of other problems, not associated with sexual activity.

Lack of sexual desire: may be the result of age-related changes and be a consequence of the loss of interest in sex. Among the possible reasons for the lack of sex drive can also be: taking certain medications or problems in the family life.

All men at some point experience impotence. Fear should cause a situation when erectile dysfunction becomes permanent - occurs more frequently than in 50% of cases, and it becomes a source of stress for your partner. In such cases, you need to seek medical advice and treatment. Men whose impotence is caused by psychological reasons, may need treatment.

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