Is it possible to cure diabetes

Very controversial issue today is considered the possibility of a complete cure of diabetes try here side effects of januvia. The complexity of the situation that is very difficult to regain what has been lost. The only exception is those forms of diabetes of the second type, which are well beyond the control under the influence of diet therapy. In this case, normalizing modes of nutrition and physical activity, you can completely get rid of diabetes. It should be borne in mind that the risk of recurrence of the disease in the event of violations of the extremely high.

According to the official medicine - diabetes of the first type and the resistant forms of the second type of diabetes can not be cured completely. But constant medication may be invalid or slow the progression of diabetic complications. After all, they are dangerous to humans. It is therefore imperative to engage in regular monitoring of blood glucose values, monitoring the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. We must remember that they must be life-long. Valid only change their volume and variety, depending on the patient's condition.

However, there are many former patients who were able to recover from this incurable disease with the help of fasting. But forget about this method if you can not find a good specialist in the city, which would be able to control you and not let the situation get out of control. Because there are many cases where experiments on a end in intensive care!

With regard to operational practices for addressing diabetes with implantation of a kind of an artificial pancreas, which is a device that analyzes the level of hyperglycemia and automatically allocating the required amount of insulin. The results of this treatment are impressive for their effectiveness, but not without significant drawbacks and problems. So while no one has yet managed to replace the natural insulin is a synthetic analogue of a particular person, that not all can come with diabetes.

Continues to develop in the synthesis of the species of insulin which are composed of identical components specific to each patient. And although it is still a distant reality, everyone, exhausted by duration of diabetes, he believes that a miracle occurred.

By itself, the diabetes does not pose a threat to human life. Danger of complications and their consequences. Not to mention some of them, which are either frequent or have a direct danger of life of the patient.

Coma in Diabetes

The symptoms of this complication are growing at lightning speed, regardless of the type of diabetic coma. The most important feature is threatening dizziness or extreme lethargy patient. These people urgently need to be hospitalized in the nearest medical institution.

The most common diabetic coma - ketoatsidoticheskaya. It is caused by the accumulation of toxic products of metabolism, which have the effect of ruining the nerve cells. The main criterion is its persistent smell of acetone in breathing patient. In the case of hypoglycemic coma and consciousness darkened, the patient is covered with copious cold sweat, but fixed a critical reduction in blood glucose, which is possible with an overdose of insulin. Other com, fortunately, are less common.

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