Non surgical hair replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement may be an excellent chance for those people who are concerned about severe hair loss and who want to do without surgery.

Despite the availability of hairpieces, many people suffering from alopecia, a loss in their correct choice http://stop-baldness.net/. Unfortunately, some modern companies operating in the sphere of production of goods, allowing to hide the hair loss process, trying to cash in on other people's problems. American Association of dealing with the problem of hair loss, a study was conducted, which showed that 70% of consumers of non-surgical hair replacement funds are dissatisfied with their quality, price and service in the salons.

Those who wish to take advantage of these products is important to know about them all. This section will enable you to obtain the necessary information before you decide on one or the other means of hair replacement.

How to choose the right cover for hair

To date, non-surgical hair replacement - this is insufficiently developed (in terms of quality of products) industry, but there are a number of salons, offering high-class services and truly care about their clients. Once you learn how to decide among products of this industry, false hair will no longer scare you.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right hairpiece.

Buy an overlay of two parts

If you plan to buy a cover for the hair (a form of non-surgical hair replacement uses the world's most popular), you need two constituent parts - one for support, and the second - to dress up for the first.

The remaining hair on the crown does not fit into the typical hair system, so ideally stylist wants to shave, just like the small remnants of hair around the perimeter, then the pad will sit correctly. It's one of those things that often do not explain the implementers of wigs to its customers.

No such means, which would contribute to absolutely secure the pad on the head, especially in the hair line, for four to six weeks, so you have to learn to take care of his hair, trying to make it as natural as possible. In order to overlay the hair look natural, they need to pay great attention and care. Do not forget that this is not your own hair and take care of them is even more carefully.

Keep in mind that you have to spend from 500 to 3000 UAH. per month for something to keep the look of your pad.

Do not sign contracts for further service

Stay away from companies who are trying to force you to contract for further service. After purchasing a wig client is absolutely not required to regularly cut hair in the salon and take care of them.

Avoid companies that want to keep one of your wigs at home, not allowing you to take it home.

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