Postcoital cystitis Buy Proscar

Postcoital cystitis - is an inflammatory reaction that occurs in the cavity of the bladder woman after intimacy buy proscar online. This is a problem faced by many women who become sexually active life.

Most often, the disease manifests either immediately after intimacy, or a few days later.

Among the possible causes of the disease are the following:

The anatomical features of the structure of the urogenital system. When such anomalies are present, as an offset opening of the urethra or excessive mobility of the urethra, then the risk of cystitis after intimacy increases.

Neglect of personal hygiene rules after sexual intercourse. Inflammation can occur if, after committing an act of a woman is not tempted. The increased number of abnormal bacteria in the genital area may lead to the development of the disease. A particular danger in this respect is the alternation of the anal and vaginal intercourse intimacy.

STD - one of the reasons of infection of the sexual partner postcoital cystitis.

Llliterate use of contraception, lack of selection or application of the lubricant becoming a common cause of injury as the genital tract, and urinary tract. As a result, the infection is much easier to penetrate into the cavity of the bladder and cause inflammation there.

Violation of bacterial microflora of the vagina, defected from the partner. And they will not necessarily be absolutely opportunistic. Check vaginal opportunistic pathogens sexual partner, often resulting in an inflammatory disorder that can affect the bladder his wife's.

With regard to the treatment of the disease, it comes down to receive medication and compliance with the doctor's recommendations regarding lifestyle. In some cases, it may require surgery. It is expedient if the cause of the inflammation become a structural abnormalities of the genitourinary system. The effect of the operation is positive in the event that the urethra and vagina are too close. Such an intervention is carried out on an outpatient basis, hospitalization is not required. In this case the outer channel opening for urination little lift. Such interference is called urethral transposition. It eliminates excessive channel mobility by suturing it. As a result, it is moved closer to the clitoris.

In other cases the resorting to treatment with antibacterial agents. Most often, the course lasts longer than a week, although relief may occur much earlier. However, if the reception was started antibiotics should not interrupt the course to prevent recurrence of the disease.

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