Retinopathy with Metformin

This complication, in which a more or less mild found in all patients with diabetes and leads to impairment of vision Buy Metformin Online. Diabetic retinopathy is more often later leads to the consequences of disability by denying human vision. On 1 blind due to other causes account for 25 blinded as a result of diabetic vascular lesions.

Durable high concentration of glucose in the blood vessels of the retina leads to narrowing. The capillaries are trying to compensate for this condition, so in some places there are saccular protrusions through which blood is trying to share with the retina necessary substances. It turns out it's bad, and netted shell eye suffers from lack of oxygen. As a result, there are deposited calcium salts and lipids in their place and then seal formed scars. If the process is far gone, there may be retinal detachment, ending in blindness. Also, can lead to blindness evolved vitreous hemorrhage or glaucoma.

It appears the disease is gradually worsening vision, decreased visual fields (bad becomes visible on the sides). It is better to identify it in the early stages, so it is important every 6-12 months to pass examination by an ophthalmologist, US eye study of retinal vessels.


This complication occurs in patients with diabetes and ¾ involves specific damage to the kidneys, which eventually leads to the development of chronic renal failure. From it often die people with type 1 diabetes.

The first sign of diabetic kidney damage can be detected in the urine sample after only 5-10 years after the onset of the disease.

In its development of nephropathy passes 3 stages:

Microalbuminuria. Subjective feelings are almost no, can only slightly increase blood pressure. In the urine collected in 24 hours, enzyme immunoassay, radioimmunoassay and immunoturbidimetric methods.

Proteinuria. At this stage, the urine lost large amounts of protein. Protein deficiency, which had previously held the liquid in the vessels leading to the outlet water to the tissues. So develop swelling, especially on the face. Also, 60-80% of people increases and "upper" and "lower" pressure.

Chronic renal failure. The amount of urine is reduced, the skin becomes dry and pale, there is high blood pressure. Frequently observed episodes of nausea and vomiting, also suffers from consciousness, because of which the person is becoming less focused and critical.

So called state when diabetes creates conditions for the development of large vessels in which atherosclerotic plaques. Thus affected vessels supplying blood to the heart (if there angina and myocardial infarction), lower limbs (this leads to gangrene), brain (this causes encephalopathy and stroke), stomach (developing mesenteric thrombosis).

Thus, diabetic encephalopathy, manifested by progressive weakness and decreased ability to work, mood swings, a violation of attention, thinking and memory, clenches his headaches. Macroangiopathy of the lower limbs manifested difficulty of movement legs in the morning, then what takes place, the leg muscles fatigue, the sensation in them cold and excessive sweating. Next leg badly freezing, numb, nail surface becomes dull, whitish.

After this stage is developing the next, when a person starts to limp, because it becomes painful to walk. These pains may occur at rest. The feet skin is pale and thinner. The last stage of this complication - gangrene of the feet, toes, shins. In less severe violations of blood supply to the legs they appear chronic sores.

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