Running ear with Amoxil

Purulent otitis - inflammation is of infectious nature, covering all the anatomical sections of the middle ear: tympanic cavity, auditory tube and mastoid buy amoxil online.

Depending on the location there are three types of otitis media:

Outside, arising mainly due to the ingress and accumulation of water in the ear canal;

Average, which is a complication of diseases of the upper respiratory tract;

Inside, developing on the background of running chronic middle purulent otitis.

Otitis externa often suffer from people involved in swimming. Inflammation of the external auditory canal is limited, as a rule, mainly skin manifestations: pustules and various rashes. Severe pain in the ear is usually accompanied by otitis media, therefore, the term "otitis media" in most cases meant otitis media.

This is a fairly common disorder that can occur with varying degrees of severity. However, the lack of treatment can result in a transition process in the chronic stage and the development of various complications, up to the formation of adhesions, hearing loss and total loss of hearing.

The main factors that trigger the development of otitis media - a respiratory viral infections (ARI, influenza), inflammatory diseases of the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract infections (sinusitis, rhinitis), the presence of adenoids. Also here include the lack of hygiene of the ear cavity. The disease occurs due to lower general and local immunity, when the infection penetrates through the Eustachian tube into the tympanic cavity.

The mucous membrane of Eustachian tube produces mucus obladayuschuyuantimikrobnym action and perform the safety function. With the help of villi epithelium secreted secret moves into the nasopharynx. During various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the epithelial barrier function of the auditory tube is weakened, which leads to the development of otitis media.

Less common middle ear infection occurs through an injured eardrum, or mastoid. This so-called traumatic otitis. In diseases such as influenza, measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, typhoid possible third most rare variant infection - hematogenous when pathogenic bacteria enter the middle ear through the blood.

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