Schizophrenia mental illness Buy Seroquel

Schizophrenia - a mental illness is not established etiology, prone to chronic course, manifested typical changes in the patient's personality and different in the degree of severity of other psychiatric disorders, often leading to persistent violations of social adaptation and ability to work seroquel recreational use.

In this disease, patients become withdrawn, lose their social contacts, they marked depletion of emotional reactions. Along with this there are various degrees of severity of the disorder feelings, perception, thinking, and motor-volitional.

As part of a continuous course of the disease emerged as some forms of schizophrenia defined the degree of malignancy of the process: a malignant (nuclear) sredneprogredientnaya (paranoid), sluggish, or maloprogredientnaya (and psihopatopodobnyh). Each of these forms of schizophrenia characterized by certain psychopathological manifestations.

Malignant (nuclear) schizophrenia. It occurs in adolescence, characterized by an extremely malignant course. Og from the appearance of the first signs of the disease, distinctly before its final development takes place 2 - 3 years. A special feature of this variant of schizophrenia is that patients initially appear mostly negative disorder and only then join the positive. Positive changes differ pronounced polymorphism psychopathological syndromes. Factors that worsen the prognosis of schizophrenia nuclear applies its extreme resistance to therapy.

Onset of the disease is often reminiscent of heavy, twisted adolescence crisis and usually occurs in the form of two options - fall energy potential and emotional deficiency of occurrence. Falling energy potential is manifested initially in performance deterioration, sharp decline in productivity in the classroom, while maintaining, and sometimes even increase the time spent on the preparation of homework. In the future, these patients duplicated classes, even drop out of school because of the impossibility of continuing education. Falling energy potential is often accompanied by the phenomenon of the so-called metaphysical intoxication: the patient takes up the study of global philosophical and scientific issues (the meaning of life, the origin of life, etc...), Spend a lot of time to study the scientific literature on these issues, but the practical results of this activity will never It brings both because of the lack of special training of patients and because of the sharp decline in the productivity of any creative activity.

Development of emotional deficiency of primarily manifested in the deterioration of the relationship to the parents in poyaalenii emotional coldness, often with a tendency toward irritability, aggressiveness. In the future, patients and comes complete indifference to his own personality: they cease to take care of yourself, do not wash, do not do anything, and so on..

The changes described above can shift to a final state - apatiko-abulicheskimi in which other psychotic disorders may be present in reduced form. Preobladakie in the clinical picture of the disease fall of intellectual activity, emotional depletion, energy gotentsiala, t. E. The prevalence of negative disorders, typical n p o s t a r a c a p and a n t a nuclear schizophrenia.

Paranoid schizophrenia. In the development of this form of schizophrenia paranoid distinguished stages, para-noidnogo paraphrenic delirium and the stage of the final state. Presented dynamics sketchy as paranoidkaya schizophrenia may stop in its development at any stage. In this form of schizophrenia are two alternatives: a delusional and hallucinatory.

The main difference between these options depends on the severity of the syndrome psevdoggllyutsinatornogo step paranoid.

At the beginning of the development of paranoid delusional variant-term schizophrenia arises paranoid state with all the features inherent in it. As a rule, it is highly stepenyo systematization of delirium.

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