Sex on schedule leads to impotence

Many young and not only the young couples of our time on the walls or in the drawers of the table there are the so-called graphics, which has a large number of numbers, dates, moon phases, marked by crosses, ticks. These calendars usually give birth in order to properly plan the pregnancy, however, judging by the results of these calendars is the use of such calculations no cialis and alcohol. No, of course, to plan pregnancy - this is good, right, but is it possible to plan the sex? Is this correct, and whether it is possible to do it at all?

As stated by scientists from Britain, men's health from this is very much affected, so to have sex on a schedule - it is harmful, we can say, dangerous for men.

And just think, is it possible to have fun on a schedule? What a fun time, most work already. Imagine that you have decided on a schedule cakes, at 11:00 you eat cake "Napoleon" at 14:30 cake "Basket", and so every day, do you like it? And is not that silly?

If you realize that eating sweets on a schedule - it's silly, then you realize that sex on a schedule - complete nonsense! Why then harass her man basal body temperature, ovulation, and all sorts of hormonal harmony? It's the same thing that put the ice cream in direct sunlight and wait until the clock arrows show the correct time, no, of course you will be able to wait for this, but none of your ice cream.

Scientists and doctors at one of the universities of Sheffield questioned the men about their problems, and they managed to find out that about one man out of ten, at which sex takes place on schedule, as a result of general declines. Men during the day, when it is expected that "sweet" hours, experiencing stress, this expectation is significantly can reduce sexual desire in men. This can even lead to this impotence, although temporary.

More worse for those couples, but rather men who are trying for a year to all the "rules", with calendar, to conceive a child. As we found out scientists from South Korea, if a man is a long time in a state of tension, it is capable to provoke not only a variety of mental disorders, but also a decrease in testosterone levels sufficiently long time, and in some cases and for all, and this, as you probably already know, the so-called erectile dysfunction.

Here, women, think, what you will need the child (if it still be able to conceive ways), if in the future your spouse may remain a potential psychopath and impotent? It is best to have sex with a pleasant happy when there is a desire to have you and your partner, for better and speedy result just try to do it regularly.

Also it is worth saying a little about and Statistics. According to her those couples who want to have children and having sex without the different types of contraception for about two or three times a week, much faster seek their own, that is, become parents than those couples who are trying to still be calculated according to the time of day, according to the calendar, the moon and etc.

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