Smoking and Health

This is an area in which the smoker thinks he knows everything, but in fact he does not know absolutely nothing about it. And that is why this area is the most critical of all areas related to smoking at all health and medical.

And in my case, I thought it was about and my head just explode, and I was quite ready for it, but in fact it was not even true.

Maybe, even if one day I would take her another cigarette, and suddenly she screamed alarm, and I heard a voice: "Oh, man, still I never did not warn you, but now I say before you remained alive and well after each smoked cigarettes, and if you smoked, and this, then your head is going to explode right now! ". And what do you think I would not have smoked that cigarette? Even if it would be the last. Of course, I smoked.

If you do not believe me, just try to put yourself in front of a choice: either you immediately quit smoking, yet not even lit another cigarette, or go through with his eyes closed on the main highways of the city with heavy traffic.

I know that you choose in this situation,

Of course, the smoker is doing everything in order not to get hit by a car, and lives according to the rules. Then his chances still fall under it are about a hundred thousand to one. But the risk of injury is 100%, yet the smoker is not thinking about it.

I knew a man who is very well played golf. But he never went to America just because terribly afraid of flying, as the aircraft can fall and break. But in this case the person during the game on the field is constantly smoked. The aircraft would have never in my life did not go on the road, if the failure was discovered before its launch, even if very small, which did not affect the nature of the flight. And then the chances are that the plane would fall, would amount to one hundred thousand. But the risk of getting any disease from cigarettes is one to four, but it's no use to anyone who will think about a little thing, is not it?

Cough - a natural reaction of the body to remove from the lungs is useless, that there is introduced. And cough - is not a disease, symptoms of the disease. When the smoker coughs from his lungs appear harmful substances, which he brought back when smoked. And if he does not cough, all of these harmful substances are there and poison the body, thereby causing lung cancer. Smokers hate this ominous coughing and trying to cough up as little as possible. They achieve this by the fact that not inhale air deeply, not to provoke cough. I used to think that just going to die from this terrible cough, because doing it constantly. But now I realize that, as is constantly coughing, so I delivered your lungs from harmful substances, that were filled my lungs, and only because of this still alive.

About cough can think differently. For example, you have a very good car, but you just give it to "die", rust and rot, and nothing at the same time do not take. Then your car breaks down, and you will not be able to ride on it. This, of course, is very foolish of you. But nothing would have been money, and you can buy and another machine, even better than before.

Let's think, because your body - it's your car, which constantly carries you through life. And the health of your body - the most precious thing you can be. We all remember those moments when something is seriously ill, and prayed every day just about to get better soon.

(However, we quickly forget all the horrible, right?)

And you just look at how your car breaks down, and does absolutely nothing to any way to prevent it, to prevent damage to the machine. But sooner or later, with this attitude your car breaks down and you have nothing to be moving through life. But this machine you have one.

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