Squats for potency

Squats for potency are somewhat different from the usual and have a surprisingly diverse effects on the body man, causing the production of testosterone, eliminating stagnation of blood in the legs and pelvis, making a gentle massage of the prostate and improving muscle tone buy brand viagra online. All this contributes to the improvement of potency and better health in general.

Starting position - standing exactly should arrange the legs slightly wider than shoulders, toes turned outwards. It is important before starting the exercises stretch the buttocks, and only then proceed to squat.

Keeping his feet on the floor need to slowly descend as low as possible. At the bottom should stay stationary for 2 sec., And then gradually flattened legs. When fully extended it is necessary to repeat the exercise again 20.

All the time, as long as the squat, buttocks are in a stressed state, only in this case will be developed muscles that affect the potency.

With the advent of specific fitness can increase the load and, completing the last squat, stay in the down position for 15 sec., Making short swinging up and down. In doing so, it should take up the daily activities.

Performing squats important to alternate the load time and rest, to avoid the feeling of excessive fatigue.

Other exercises

Consider a set of exercises designed to improve potency through the development of specific muscles and improve circulation.

The rotation of the pelvis. With this exercise, it is recommended to start daily activities. It will serve to warm up the muscles. It is necessary to make a circular motion pelvis, similar to the rotation of the hoop 40 times in one and the other side. This exercise increases blood flow in the lower part of the body and develops the muscles of the back, which are often involved at the time of sex.

Slopes. Feet need to place a little wider than shoulder width and bend the torso, trying to get his hands the floor. Should not take a large load at once, it is enough initial slopes 20, repeated 3 or 4 times. A week later, you can start adding the slope every 2 days until their number reaches 50. This norm, and it is recommended to adhere to. This exercise develops the muscles of the back and spine, increases the conductivity of the spinal cord that controls the erection and ejaculation.

Big step. For this exercise it is recommended to start the morning half an hour before meals with a little warm-up. For his conduct is necessary to take a dumbbell (weight depends on the level of preparation and may vary between 3 and 10 kg), hands down along your body, do one foot step forward and gradually sink to the knee, while continuing to hold the load in the initial position. Changing the legs should do about 12 shots.

Some exercises that are desirable to perform in the nude:

Standing straight legs spread shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. The hands are placed on the thighs or at your sides. You must make a basin flits back and forth, slightly shaking his genitals. Breath is a deep and noisy, and exhale - a gradual and silent. Seven breaths are one approach, followed by thirty-second rest after which the complex is repeated about six times. To begin the implementation of the exercise is better in the morning, but can be repeated several times during the day. These actions are well affect the level of potency and are used in some diseases of the reproductive system to improve the state bodies.

For the next exercise you need to sit down and start to tighten up the scrotum as much as possible, at the same time drawing in the abdomen and buttocks. Short breath alternates with imperceptible breath. 7 pull-ups is one approach, followed dvadtsatisekundny rest and sevenfold repetition of the complex. Such actions are shown in the presence of sperm production disorders and some diseases of the reproductive system.

In addition to these exercises, aimed directly at improving the potency, it is recommended to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, exercise and give up bad habits. The effect of these measures will not take long, and affect the quality of the sexual life of the most desired manner.

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