Symptoms of angina Zithromax

Angina - an acute inflammation of the palate, lingual and nasopharyngeal tonsils. Most often inflamed tonsils. Tonsillitis refers to acute infectious and allergic diseases azithromycin used for. During disease inflamed tonsils, usually it is the causative agent of tonsillitis hemolytic streptococcus group A.

Sore throat infection can be transmitted by airborne droplets, through food and drink, as well as through direct contact with a sick person. Angina develops most often in cold, damp time of year (spring, autumn), it can be a consequence of hypothermia or manifestation of such diseases as diphtheria, influenza, scarlet fever, whooping cough, and in some cases - blood diseases.

However, you are mistaken, considering hypothermia main cause of angina. The cause of angina is most often (90% of cases) is a hemolytic streptococcus. Therefore, you can get infected by droplets from a healthy person who is a carrier of the bacteria. Another way of transmission - contact (through the dirty dishes). You can get infected through food and, for example, if you drink raw milk from cows with mastitis. And sometimes a person infects itself. In such cases, the angina may result from chronic tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, dental patients, other regular outbreaks of infections in the body. The situation is complicated by adverse conditions: hypothermia, decreased immunity, allergy of the body.

The main symptoms of angina include:

Angina is an acute onset. The man on the background of overall health, sharply deteriorating health.

The body temperature rises, fever occurs. The mark on the thermometer can reach 40 degrees.

There are symptoms of intoxication with headache, aching joints, general weakness.

Throat strongly hurts, the pain intensifies during the swallowing process. On the second day of pain reach their peak and are present on a regular basis.

Decreased appetite, sleep suffers.

Lymph nodes increase in size, become painful on palpation. The first to suffer submandibular nodes.

Tonsils swollen, increase in size, they can be visualized dot formation yellow. Their size is 2-3 mm. This pattern is characteristic of follicular tonsillitis. When lacunar angina tonsils covered purulent plaque in the form enclosed with areas of irregular shape.

If the disease is difficult, the tonsils are formed on areas of necrosis, which have a dark gray color. Dead tissue rejected and replaced defective parts on the size of 10 mm.

With regard paratonzillita and peritonsillar abscess, then these conditions develop as a complication of tonsillitis. First inflamed tissue surrounding the tonsil (paratonsillitis), after which they are melted under the influence of pus (peritonsillar abscess). There are such complications after 2-3 days after a sore throat. The man begins to complain of severe unilateral pain in the throat, sharply increased body temperature, increased salivation. Man instinctively tilts her head to the side, where localized inflammation. Thus he seeks to reduce tension in the damaged tissues.

During the inspection noticeable significant asymmetry. Tonsil by the destruction increased in size and shifted to the center of the tongue pushed to the side, the soft palate swollen.

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