Symptoms of panic attacks Use Alprazolam

Panic attacks are episodes of unexplained to the patient's fear, anxiety and painful some autonomic symptoms. They are most common among socially active age (20-40 years) and women appear twice as often than men. Panic attacks are erased and detailed form buy alprazolam online. The first is found in almost 10% of the adult population, and the second affects about 2%.

Panic attacks may have different severity and frequency. Someone they visit every day, someone - every couple of months. It is especially dangerous if the disease becomes chronic, chronic.

Panic attacks can occur due to constant emotional stress, depression, increased anxiety man. Also, this pathology can be caused by hormonal disorders, some medical conditions or organic lesions of the nervous system.

It is known that about 60% of patients who have been diagnosed with panic attacks, depression-prone, develops, most often to the first attack.

Also sometimes panic attacks can be aggravated by alcohol abuse. Moreover, alcohol can put the disease into a chronic form.

The main symptoms that help you to recognize a panic attack include increased heart rate, sweating, trembling. The patient rapidly pounding heart, often do not have enough air, felt chest pain, may cause nausea and vomiting. The most important and defining symptom, of course, is severe anxiety and inexplicable panic, tormenting a person for no apparent reason.

Often, panic attacks can be combined with a variety of fears and phobias: fear of large crowds, fear of transportation, streets, hiking, open countryside, traveling or enclosed space. Such fears have a negative impact on the social activity of the person and often do not allow to lead a normal, fulfilling life. The constant expectation of a panic attack and lives in fear (suspense) can really change a person's personality.

Attacks of panic attack are vegetative syndrome and may not result in death from respiratory failure or myocardial infarction. The risk may be redundant and only a deep breath during an attack: it often causes fainting. But the influence of panic attacks on human social adaptation unequivocally: the patient tries to avoid appearing in places where panic attacks have occurred, does not tolerate crowded places or open spaces.

Sometimes panic attacks can be combined with the symptoms of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes and hormonal disorders. To differentiate between "pure" panic attacks from the manifestations of these diseases, the patient should undergo a thorough physical examination and Other laboratory.

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