The degree of infertility Clomid

The etymological meaning of the word '' degree '' in medicine means comparing the value of different intensity of pathological processes. Using the appropriate term when compared particular (specific) pathological processes in respect of a limited group of patients with a similar diagnosis. In most cases, the available literature, infertility is described as I and II type of infertility where to buy clomid?.

Infertility in women 1 degree. Or infertility I - is the absence of pregnancy, the woman had never given birth. Usually infertility period begins after a year start of regular sexual life without contraception. The causes of infertility 1 mentioned above in the text (see. Infertility classification).

Infertility in women of 2 degrees. Or infertility II - is the impossibility of conceiving, it refers to women who have previously been pregnant or given birth. infertility period is counted from the first attempts to re pregnant. Usually well over a year. The causes of infertility II as defined above in the text (see. Infertility classification).

Infertility in women 3 degrees. The term, which characterizes the degree of inability to get pregnant, do not use the available literature.

The psychological factor infertility

Stress - is a common adaptive response of the organism to various stimuli, has a complex regulatory mechanism involving the body, including hormones. It makes no sense to look for private causes of stress, both psychological factors of infertility, they are unique for each woman. In summary, the sources of stress are: an excess of negative information; regular emotional reactions; physiological or pathophysiological reactions.

When chronic stress occurs depletion of the body's adaptive defense mechanisms. Bio-regulation structures (the autonomic nervous system, the adrenal hormones, pituitary and others) do not work in the direction of adaptation cause pathophysiological changes in the body. For the psychological factors of infertility hiding pathophysiological restructuring of the organism (hormonal disorders including). To determine the cause of psychological infertility should stop looking for the source of stress, you need to:

Change related to the stress factor. It is noticed that families with low levels of education do not have problems with the birth of children, as opposed to families where a woman with a high level of intelligence and social status, suffer from obvious and imaginary stress. Physical training, rewarding hobby, leisure, positive emotions, and so on will restore the hormonal and emotional balance.

Consult a qualified psychologist. Stress is not always possible to overcome on their own. Find a specialist who can help stop thinking about imaginary problems will help to understand the true causes of infertility.

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