Treatment of affective psychosis with Elavil

Psychosis, affective disorder type called mental manifestations of endogenous nature. The disease is characterized by spontaneity and frequency of occurrence of affective phases, showing the state of mania, depression or mixed views http://elavilnews.com/. For the typical phases complete reversibility, regeneration functions of mental health, intermission. Phase may occur at different levels and have different depths of the time period (from one day to several years). Single phase and during the intermission after it is recorded as a series of psychotic affective type.

Reasons influencing the occurrence of affective psychosis, not fully revealed to date. New data in this area can be attributed to hereditary factors influencing the occurrence of the disease. On the affective pathology also affects neurochemistry, receiving antidepressants and other medicines that have an effect on the receptors of the nerve cell type. The researchers are based on data from clinical genetics, which confirm a significant contribution to the development of hereditary pathology of psychosis.

Special methods for the study of psychosis have shown that genetic factors influence the emergence of the disease is 70%, and sredovye - 30%. The disease occurs twice as often in women than in men. And women affective psychosis has developed in the post-natal period, during menstruation, premenopause. These facts are evidence of the influence of hormonal disorders as the cause of the disease.

The manifestation of the depressive phase

In depressive states may prevail hysterical, anxious-phobic, senestoipohondricheskimi disorder or classic of the genre - a dreary depression. The structure of reactive depression is the situation traumatic psyche. The behavior begins to dominate the affect of sadness. Apathy, depression and hopelessness fully master the thoughts of the patient. There comes a focus on circumstances that accompanied the trauma. Behavior is expressed passivity. The conversation is filled with self-blame or accusation of others.

In these conditions there is a violation of vegetative nature (rapid heart beat, jumps of arterial pressure, sweating). The patient may complain of poor sleep and nightmares. The duration of this state reaches three months.

Depression manifest nature as reactive, developing against harmful external influences, which are based stressful situation. In this case, the first place in the patient leaves the state of personal health concerns. He laments the circumstances, destiny, all too dramatizes.

This depression is expressed by sustained rate of speech and thought, which are also combined with their poverty and monotony. There is a motor retardation. Present complaints "mental pain" on the level of physical sensations. The conversation is dominated by the idea of ​​self-blame or sin, the mood improved during the evening hours. There may be appetite deterioration. The duration of such a depression of up to 6 months. When affective psychosis, depressive phases in its various manifestations is 80% of all the phases.

The manifestation of the manic phase

Much of the mania at affective psychosis kind is atypical. The main symptom is represented by motor excitation, which does not support high-speed ideatornoy reactions. The patient retains the ability to concentrate, but it reduces the productivity of the thinking process. This mania is agile, talkative, multiple gestures, easy to contact.

Increased activity of the patient is replete with uniformity and low productivity, but at the same time a person experiences a particularly valuable attitude to his actions. Atypical in this manic fit of passion is its fading. Inherent to this feeling of complete well-being physically and comfort is not supplemented with joy and gladness, and accompanied by the presence of irritability and anger. There is a violation of appetite and sleep. The duration of the state of up to 1 year.

For these psychoses characteristic psychopathic delusions, which are developed for the last 5 days and 5 months. Manic condition, extending the classical type (mania fun) is observed in 20% of patients. Their development takes place in the last 7 days and last up to 4 months. In some cases, delirium may appear at the height of passion. Bipolar affective psychosis has a mixed state in its development at which the replacement of the symptoms of depression, symptoms of mania and vice versa.

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