What to eat for potency part 1

Eating certain foods containing the required set of vitamins and minerals, can help improve sexual wealthy man cause impotency in men. In the human diet should be widely available so-called reproduction of vitamins, which include A, E and B complex representatives known ability to improve the passage of nerve impulses. It is important to eat as much food as possible, rendering the activating effect on the body.

Among the most effective range of products characterized by fish and seafood, in particular - mackerel, flounder, oysters and vegetables, particularly turnip. Retrieved experience a beneficial effect on the potency of rennet (the camel's stomach). It has the meaning and method of use of these products, so that information many seem interesting.

Stomach camel deservedly ranked 1st as the best product to improve the potency! Its effect is no worse than the "Viagra", with absolutely no harmful to the body. The only drawback - get this product is not easy.

Camel stomach for hundreds of years helping men improve erection. By this powerful tool resorted nomadic peoples of the East: the Mongols, the Bedouins, and many others, to improve the potency and prolongation of life, so among them are cases of children born people even older than 50 years.

Such a strong healing effect is able to provide sun-dried in a special way the stomach. It is recommended to take immediately before sexual intercourse, or half an hour before it. The effect appears immediately to achieve it is enough to take 3 g of the product is no longer a piece of a pea.

From rennet prepared a special alcohol tincture as follows: take half a liter of vodka and poured it 100g of dried camel's stomach. Means insist 2 weeks in a shaded and cool conditions.

Oysters - another product that is ranked 2nd in the rankings, known for its stimulating effect on the male sexual organ and ranked among the group of aphrodisiacs. Use shellfish due to their high content in the composition of organic zinc, and rare amino acids that are able to activate the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone, and to increase sperm count. In addition, oysters contain dopamine, a substance that increases libido.

Scientists have determined that the concentration of amino acids and zinc in the body of shellfish is highest in the spring when the sea creatures actively proliferate. Therefore, oysters, harvested at this time of year, are most suitable to increase potency.

From a certain therapeutic purposes, this product is recommended to use raw, since heat treatment can lead to the loss of a significant part of the useful substances. Increase the palatability of food will help the lemon juice, which sprayed oysters before eating.

But do not get too often resort to this method, since Chinese and European scientists have shown that the constant use of shellfish is harmful to the health and even the reproductive function due to excess mercury. According to other studies, raw oysters are often carriers of Vibrio vulnificus bacteria, which is able to cause many diseases, the most innocuous of them can be regarded as gastroenteritis. health risk increases in the presence of human liver diseases or wounds to the skin surface. People suffering from immune disorders, diabetes, low acidity, receiving corticosteroids and antacids should also refrain from eating raw shellfish.

An alternative way to increase the potency of using oyster and it does not harm the health, are baths, one-third filled with oysters, flooded with hot water. Even after an hour of lying in such a composition is stated improvement in sexual function. After 5 sessions of impotence can be forgotten.

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