What to eat for potency part 2

Flounder is not only very tasty but also very useful fish, known for its particular impact on the work of the penis, which is explained by a high content of vitamins A, B and E, amino acids, trace elements, particularly zinc. Halibut is rich in complete and balanced protein, which, due to the lower content of the connective tissues, it is much better absorbed by the human body smoking and erectile dysfunction. The structure of the fish and includes the other active substances that have a positive effect on health in general, thereby increasing potency.

For the most complete preservation of useful properties flounder should be steamed, stew or boiled. The product should be brought to readiness and to stop heat treatment.

Flounder thanks to its dietary properties, is suitable for universal use. The only exceptions are people with individual intolerance of the product. Only in salted and dried as it should not have patients with cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

Boiled mackerel. Due to the abundance in its composition of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone, beneficial effects on the sexual health of men, and even women's reproductive quality. Frequent use of this product is boiled increased potency and increased sperm production. For the latest quality meets the phosphorus, a part of the mackerel in significant quantities. Iodine ensures the availability of sexual desire, and protein is the building blocks of sperm.

Be sure to include this delicious product in your diet and you will be surprised at the result!

Turnip is occupied by top-ranking of the best Marketing products that enhance the potency! This vegetable is rich in vitamins, trace elements and substances that have a restorative impact and a beneficial effect on sexual viability, contributing to the allocation of testosterone.

Seeds of garden turnips able to excite sexual desire and to increase potency. The same effect can be achieved by adding boiled vegetable to meat dishes.

You can prepare a special mixture of healing based on boiled grated turnips, mixed with grated carrots in a ratio of 1: 1 and supplemented with a teaspoon of honey. The finished vehicle is recommended to take a third cup three times a day. The effect does not take long.

Here's one recipe: a large turnip boiled in half a liter of cow's milk, then rub and mix with the liquid in which it is prepared. To enhance the therapeutic effects means you can add 100 grams of honey. The final product is taken four times a day in an amount of 50 g.

Contraindications: Reject the use of people have turnips with acute exacerbation of inflammatory bowel disease, cholecystitis, hepatitis and CNS diseases.

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