What to eat for potency part 3

There are many other products that can improve male sexual health erectial disfunction. Inclusion in the diet of the names on this list will help to solve erection problems without resorting to drugs.

Meat. This product is not in vain considered to be traditionally male product, it is more efficient and aphrodisiac. This high-energy foods, which promotes the development of the hormone thyroxine. The action of the substance is directed at intensification of oxidation reactions in the cells, maintaining hormone excitability of nerve centers. The abundance of trace elements and minerals indispensable component makes the meat supply in case of problems with potency.

The greatest benefit is different red lean meats such as horse meat, beef and mutton and diet - rabbit, turkey products, chicken and frog legs.

Among the more exotic products of this group is worth noting combs of roosters, eggs fried with onions ram and bull, meat pheasants and blackbirds. East Men's confidence in the effectiveness of dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood with vegetable oil.

Meat dishes, ideally steamed or stewed. Drink plenty of greens and vegetables, only potatoes are not the best side dish in this case.

It is important to bear in mind that too frequent inclusion of a large amount of meat diet can have the opposite effect: the body throws all the forces on the digestion of the product, from which the sexual activity and the ability is greatly reduced.

A fish. It is much more harmless meat, easily digestible and can help restore sexual function. Fish dishes are encouraged to eat at least twice a week, they contain iodine and phosphorus impact on improving and maintaining sexual activity. Among the methods for preparing such food preference is given to cooking and steaming. Choosing between river and sea products should focus on the latter, it is richer in nutrients. With the purpose of treatment is used not only the fish fillet, and caviar, in which the concentration of vitamins and minerals is much greater.

With daily use of nuts increases the potency. They contain large amounts of vitamin E, as well as rich in zinc and magnesium, ie just those substances that have a healing effect on the reproductive system. In addition, the composition includes arginine nuts activating generation of an oxide of nitrogen, substances required for erection.

For the treatment of potency problems in the daily diet include a variety of nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and others. Each of them has a unique composition and properties, but the same beneficial effect on the organism.

The maximum benefit allows the use of raw foods. An even greater efficiency different mixtures of several kinds of nuts, as well as their connection to the honey. To achieve good results will help the union nuts with dried fruit or fresh bananas, apples, beets, carrots. A good alternative may be preparing a variety of meat and fish dishes with nuts, it will transform the sound of dishes and taste make it even more useful.

Pine nut on the quality of its members in many ways superior to other products in this group. It strengthens health and improves the functioning of the penis. It is recommended to eat it raw, sometimes you can treat yourself to a red-hot nuts (slightly fried), which are much tastier, but retain nutritional value.

Nutmeg - an excellent remedy for impotence. For therapeutic effect it should have on a daily basis. But this spice can not be consumed in large quantities, enough to add a little powder in his food. You can plant a pinch of nutmeg in water and drink the resulting beverage. The daily dose should not exceed one third of a teaspoon. Failure to follow the dosage is fraught with serious poisoning and even death.

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