Why can not I lose weight

Familiar situation: like doing things right, but for some reason, excess weight remains in place what does orlistat do. It would seem so simple, but for some reason only a few achieve the success and the number of people suffering from excess weight, only grows. It turns out that does not work for many reasons!

Fasting should be wisely

Often dieters sit on monodiets like buckwheat or fruit, forgetting a proven fact: any harsh "hunger strike" does not bring the body to nothing but harm!

Of course, in each case, it is best to consult a nutritionist about the composition of the food basket, which will help in the fight against excess weight, but not everyone has the opportunity and the desire to address him.

It happens that in the course of such experiments with their own health instead of slimming products that suppress appetite, eating the ones that only reinforce the feeling of hunger.

The key to success in losing weight is the desire to experiment, to try new and unusual foods useful and different combinations of healthy foods. At the same time we must not forget about the diet of the balance, that is, that the body gets all the necessary - because it is a very important condition, which compliance will bring the desired results.

Down with the love of canned food!

If you seriously want to lose weight and improve your body, forget about canned foods and many foods that have been significant industrial processing. Preference was given to the natural food - this should be your motto. Even handwritten summer harvesting in the form of jam and assorted vegetables should be excluded from the diet, because it contains a large amount of sugar, or - the vinegar.

For many it is impossible to lose weight just because we are used to eating processed foods. For this reason it is best to abandon useful, but refined foods, even if the package says "non-GMO."

Fat - not always harmful

Beginners often allow one mistake: according to popular stereotype, they think that being overweight appears only on fat. And eventually completely abandon any fatty foods, leaning on meals rich in carbohydrates.

Meanwhile, fat and obesity - are different concepts. Good vegetable fats, which are found in nuts, avocados, fish, vegetable oil must necessarily enter into the diet. Fatty foods of plant origin to help cope with cholesterol, protect against heart disease, do our hair, skin, nails and bones healthy and strong. What happens if you exclude them completely from the diet, present themselves.

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